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Bits taken from:

  • Repair the NTFS file system
  • Repair the Windows registry
  • Copy partitions
  • Resize partitions
  • Clone partitions
  • Install a boot menu (Windows based)
  • Recover corrupt Word files
  • Recover corrupt Excel files
  • Recover Grub2 after Windows reinstallation
  • Reinstalling wubi's grub and fix windows boot loader so that Wubi boot appears again

Other bits

sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc -pcritical 

which will re-install grub to the device(s) that it was installed to initially (it also re-runs update-grub). (Thank you Jordan Uggla)

  • Install grub or grub2 package
  • Install grub2 to a partition boot sector
  • Help setting up a GNU/Linux installation in external hard disk
  • Edit Grub2 menu
    • Startup Manager (Few options)
    • Grub-customizer (Very complete). C++ based on gtk, no command line options known.
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